About Last Night: Tuesday's home opener

Posted on January 23, 2013 by John Walton

To help celebrate our addition today to the Monumental Network, we upgrade a new feature that we've always had here at Capitals Voice. Instead of just putting the audio of the goals together for you after the game broadcast, we're now giving you the full night's worth of action in an easier to listen to format. Along with the goals you've always heard, we're now giving you the biggest saves, the fights, some commentary, and much more. If you missed any or all of the game broadcast, we'll have the full highlight package here the following morning for you. 

Obviously, we were hoping for a more positive first episode, as Winnipeg spoiled the party. But the morning after every home game this season, we hope you'll stop by and have a listen. 

Click Here for About Last Night: Your full Capitals Radio Network highlight package from the Capitals and Jets on January 22

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