Your Capitals Minute for September 17

Posted on September 17, 2013 by John Walton

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Hockey is a game of unforgettable moments. We see it every season, and always in the Stanley Cup playoffs. But once in a great while, something happens in a preseason game that makes us forget the game doesn't count for something. 

That's what happened Monday in Philadelphia. 

Joel Rechlicz, the Wisconsin native known for dropping the gloves and being a tremendous teammate, was given the chance by Adam Oates Monday to be Washington's shooter in the bottom of the fourth round against the Flyers. Rechlicz, who has scored exactly three goals in his entire career, and only two of those even in the high minors, beat Ray Emery to win the game for the Capitals. It did not net the standings points a regular season win would have. But don't bother telling Joel that. He was all smiles afterward, and so were his teammates. 

Relive Rechlicz's moment here in today's Capitals Minute, as Washington travels to Maryland today to face Boston at Baltimore Arena. It just isn't possible for the game against the Bruins to generate the kind of good feeling that Monday's win in Philadelphia did. Way to go, Recker. Thanks for the best end to a preseason game in memory. 

Click here to listen to the Caps Minute for Tuesday, September 17: The Joel Rechlicz Experience edition

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